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Cinco de Mayo Party Box - Spring 2018

February 28, 2018 4 min read

Cinco de Mayo Party Box 

An authentic, Instagram-worthy fiesta—with zero effort!

IMAGINE: Your home. Your gathering. Colorful crepe paper flowers and bells float elegantly above the drinks. Bright Mexican fabrics cross your tables, beautifully setting off trays of tortillas and your famous guacamole. You even rolled up the flatware in matching vibrant woven napkins, and it was totally worth it, because your guests are snapping photos of more than just the food. And nobody can stop staring at the paper banners that drape in endless rows from the ceiling—each one a different, intricate cutout design, in every color of the rainbow. As you take it all in, you realize: you’ve achieved #partygoals.

This could be you—easily! We promise. You just need to get it together.

Better yet, you need to get someone who knows how to get it together for you.

Someone who can get together what really goes together. Someone who knows fabrics and paper decorations will bring the most impact without looking fake. Someone who can source the party swag from the proper place—while being fair to those who produce it. And of course, someone who’ll pack all of this neatly, in a box, and ship it to you ASAP.

Guess what—that someone is us! We want to show you that #partygoals are totally doable, so we’ve created the new Cinco de Mayo Party Box!

Price: $160

Last day to buy Cinco de Mayo Box: April 30th.




The Cinco de Mayo Party Box contains:

cinco de mayo party banners

1. A five-pack of Papel Picado Banners ($25.80, each flag 12”L x 10”W, over 50 feet total length). This is the showstopper you’ve been looking for! Papel picado are colorful paper banners cut in elaborate designs that often feature Mexican folklore. Plus, they’re bio-degradable and dissolve easily in water. Papel picado banners can be hung in rows, tied together, or criss-crossed. We’ve included five huge banners so you can fiesta all through the house!


Mexican table runners for cinco de mayo parties

2. A four-pack of Mexican Fabric Table Runners ($67.00, 72”L x 14”W). These gorgeous fabric runners bring your tables to life without being overpowering. Layer them on top of white or solid-color tablecloths, or just display them by themselves for a rustic look. The long sides are folded under and sewn, and the ends are fringed to show the authentic woven texture and give off a casual, friendly vibe.


Mexican woven napkins

3. A twelve-pack of Mexican Woven Cloth Napkins ($44.00, 20”L x 14”W). You know what’s happening when the cloth napkins come out—it’s a special occasion! Just as bright and beautiful as our Mexican Fabric Table Runners, these woven napkins can also be used as placemats, or to give your serving dishes a fancy foundation! The long sides are folded under and sewn, and the ends are fringed. They’re washable and re-usable. We’ve included two of our regular sets—twelve napkins in all—so you don’t have to worry about running out!

papel picado paper flags

4. Set of 10 Mexican paper flags ($15, stick 10" long - papel picado flags 5x4") Perfect for Cinco de Mayo photo booth props and super cute table decorations for birthday parties, weddings, and fiestas!

 bottle ponchos

5. Set of 5 fabric bottle covers  ($11, 5x12 inches) Colorful Mexican bottle ponchos perfect for your favorite bottle of beer! Sombrero hats not included.


BONUSES! Hurry, these fast action bonuses end Friday, April 13th at midnight EST.

Everyone loves whimsical paper decorations—especially kids! These unique crepe paper items assemble easily and bring even more wonder to the party. You’ll find these three bonus items in your Cinco de Mayo Party Box:

mexican paper flower

One Mexican Paper Flower of our choosing ($5, 13" in diameter). This gorgeous decoration is as bright as a sunny day in Mexico! The lime-green paper starts flat, then unfolds in a breathtaking sunburst that’s perfect for hanging above the drink station! The tissue paper dissolves safely in water. We’ve included string for easy hanging.


Mexican fiesta paper bells

One Mexican Paper Honeycomb Bell ($5, 12”L x 8”W). Bells aren’t just for weddings—they bring those happy vibes to any celebration! This rainbow-colored bell starts flat, then opens easily for display. It’s light as air and dissolves safely in water. We’ve included string for easy hanging.


Mexican streamers

One Mexican Paper Chain Garland ($5, 14 ft long). This crepe paper garland starts flat, then pulls apart into delicate chains of color! Display it on its own, or use to compliment the Papel Picado Banners in the box! Like our other paper decorations, it dissolves safely in water when you’re finished using it.


The Cinco de Mayo Party Box retails for $160

So, let’s be real: we’re a family-founded, family-run company. We source our goods directly from Mexico City, Mexico for a fair price. Our employees—who are also family members—can support themselves because of us. Because of you, in fact.

 And that means they’re empowered. And happy. And, as a result, our customer service is amazing.  Here’s what our wonderful customers have to say about it:

Cinco de Mayo Party

Love it ~ Sharon P.
This company was so easy to work with and the items came right away. The product was exactly what I expected. I would recommend this company to friends and family.

Modern mexican gathering

Love it! ~ Maggie Q.
We had a modern Mexican gathering, the Papel picado was absolutely gorgeous.

 Cinco de Mayo Party ideas set up

Love it! ~ Marina K.
Had the item in great time and they are perfect for my event. Perfect size.


We get it—throwing a fiesta that’s truly Pinterest-worthy seems impossible. Searching through big box stores and shady online shops only turns up tacky junk that isn’t right for the vibe. Plus, you justknow all that stuff is mass-produced, probably in a questionably ethical fashion, hundreds or even thousands of miles from Mexico. It’s not what you believe in, or even what you want.


That’s why we started Mexican Fabric and Party Supplies—and why we created the Cinco de Mayo Party Box. Because it’s all in one, you can throw a no-worries fiesta that shows off your good taste and leaves you feeling good about where you’ve spent your money.


Get the Cinco de Mayo Party Box now—and get ready to be #partygoalsforever.


Price: $160

Last day to buy Cinco de Mayo Box: April 30th.


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